Saturday, February 13, 2010


So Its been 2 weeks since my move to Dallas, TX and I'm just starting to feel settled in. Its taken me a few days to take in all these new changes in my life, but its definitely exciting and I'm liking Texas so far.

One thing I'm still having trouble with, like any other person new to a city, is finding my way around town. I spent most of last week getting lost around the city trying to find something as simple as milk. It seems like every other street here is a one-way street, so if you miss your turn you have to take a little trip around town to find your way back. Not very fun, but I found a lot of interesting places (I didn't mean to find) that way.

One of the things that really surprised me was the weather. Its frikin cold here! Last Thursday Dallas had a record 12.5 inches of snow! I didn't even know it snowed in Texas, so you could imagine my surprise when I opened my bedroom window and saw this...

I'm from LA where we've never even herd of snow so every time I see it it amazes me. Walking around and seeing everything covered in a blanket of white can look so beautiful, but not so much when you have to scoop it off your windshield and drive in it.

Work at Reel FX is going great. The people at the studio are so cool and a lot of fun to work with. I'm having a blast and learning so much from them. Since I started I've gotten assigned 3 shots on one of their latest projects and last Thursday I finaled my first.

"Snowy Reel FX" (2/11/2010)

"Clear Reel FX" (2/9/2010)

Ive had a lot of fun so far and my adventures are only beginning.

Stay tuned for more.


  1. Awesome Abe! I'll be there on March 1. Looking forward to working with you again.

  2. Abraham, glad to hear you're acclimating to Dallas quite well. I've been living here for 3 year now and trust me, this is definetly a winter to remember. Best part is that Dallas has many places to visit because It's full of history. Not to mentions The Dealy Plaza Meseum right where JFK was shot! Don't forget to stop by when you get a chance It's only a few miles from your place. Have fun and welcome to Dallas !!! see ya soon.